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All the answers to your questions are most likely posted here .  PLEASE utilize all my information first to determine your sizes and styles you want before you ask me any questions.  

Direct Email ContactAva0218@outlook.com 

Ava's Bikini's is  an online business and all the bikinis are made as they are ordered. I only make my style bikinis shown on this website with maybe a few adjustments to fit your needs.   I do not carry bikini's already made in stock to sell. All my bikinis are not returnable unless you purchase black items. You will be very happy with ordering a customized bikini (Create your own  from my Styles, fabrics, laces and bows or order a pre-designed bikini set)  once you order the correct size. Please see my size chart and take measurements for a correct fit or order black items that can be returned.  
Underwire: I do not sell any underwire tops. 
Special Instructions for Custom patterns and such
 If I have made you a custom pattern already please leave a note during checkout. When you proceed to checkout . #5 step,  order confirmation  will have a special instruction box.
Ava's Bikini's are made as they are ordered and paid. We will have your items made and shipped out within 3-5 working days. During busy holiday season it can take up to 5-10 working days, However I will contact you if it takes this long.
Sales Tax
Sales Tax will be added to California Residents only.
Coupon Code
Enter coupon code when you proceed to checkout, after shipping method selection and before you pay.  
Estimate Shipping & Taxes
Add items to cart, go to view or edit cart, Under subtotal estimate shipping and taxes
Discounts will show when you add items to cart. View cart and you will see discount.
Black Items Only
Ava's Bikini's are made as they are ordered and there are so many different variations and sizes and some custom adjusted that I cannot guarantee I can resell them if I allowed each item to be returned. Black standard items are easily re saleable, so they are returnable or exchangeable. I sell a lot of black and also it helps customers with deciding which size and style they like best before they order a bikini with more expensive fabric, lace and adjustments. I give this option a before customers purchase a more expensive bikini that cannot be returned. I try to give many options to help my customer get a great fitting pleasing bikini. 
Size Chart
Only black items can be returned for you trying on before you purchase a bikini . Please use my size chart and take measurements and be sure you get the correct size because these bikini's are not returnable unless they are black items. I have so many options to choose from to get the correct size and style  if you utilize them you cannot go wrong. 
What top size should i get of my bra size is?
I get this question alot. Please I cannot help you get the correct top size by your bra cup size. All bra manufacturing companies use different sizes for their items and these are bikini tops not bras. I must have you take measurements around your bust to get the correct size. I also have pattern measurements for the tops that show you what the top measurements are for that pattern,  you can also order black items that can be returned to get the correct size. I am sure you will be more than happy with your beautiful bikini if you utilize all my options to have a bikini made just for you.
Adding Bows, Extra Ties
You can add Shara bows, order extra Bottoms and Top ties, order additional middle ties with beads and DT bottoms ties with beads. Here is the link for that   EXTRAS: BOWS, LACE , BEADS & TIES
Custom Work
I can do some custom work from a style I sell and make adjustments/ alterations to that pattern. You must order black items and after  you have tried on an item you like you may  have adjustments made to the pattern (Higher rise , little wider sides, larger rear, things like that) . YOU MUST BE ABLE TO EXPLAIN TO ME THE ADJUSTMENTS YOU WANT  Maybe draw a little pic.  I  will not make a custom item from a picture you send me. It doesn't always turn out the way you perceive it to be to your fitting. Every companies bikinis are made differently by elastic size, stretch and the patterns are completely different, plus  every body type is different .  I will not copy a bikini you send me neither. 
I cannot guarantee that the fabric photo on the web site accurately represents the actual fabric color. Unfortunately the web processes are not perfect and it is technically impossible to accurately reproduce the colors. I cannot guarantee the fabric you choose now can be matched at a later time. Colors can vary from  roll to roll. The colors can sometimes be to subtle to show on the web site. Please buy what you think you will need to complete your bikini set. I will NOT accept any returns for this reason. If you would like a free swatch sent to you please contact me at Ava0218@outlook.com, with the your name and address, fabric SKU (when click on the photo of the fabric they all have a sku#) One order of swatches per customer per year.  After you have received your swatches and you place an order you MUST put in message that you have a color swatch sent to you for matching. Otherwise you may not get that color match. 
 When you have any item made for every fabric there is a different stretch. Some have more some have less. When you add lace to the item it will stretch less. Your item will change in size by an 1/4" to 1/2". All sizes are made with the exact same pattern, although because of this reason it can change in size.  
 All fabrics will fade out eventually after worn and in time. Due to weather, river water with urine in it and chlorinated pools will fade them faster. The Lace and neon pink fade the most. All metallics will fade faster also. 
 Neon Pink: This color seems to run a little into other fabrics. Try to rinse the pink out before using it.  If it does run into other fabric keep rinsing right away with cold water. Should come right out. 
All items can and will shrink. The elastic is made with 100% cotton and that will shrink the most. Use cold water when washing and hand dry to prevent as much possible shrinkage. 
CUSTOM FABRICS : You may send me fabrics you would like me to make your bikini  in. Must be 4 way stretch lycra spandex. I will only make my style bikini in that fabric. Please send me info on the fabric you wish to send me to make sure it is the correct kind.  You will be charged the same price as the style bikini you would like me to make as if you were having it done in a solid fabric. One Bikini I will need 1 yard. 
If there is something you need a price on that is not posted in bikini sets. Please utilize my create your own   CREATE YOUR OWN  . Choose which style you are inquiring about. Use the drop down menu .  All my solid fabrics and printed/Metallic fabrics are priced the same so you can just pick any solid or any printed/Mettalic fabric  to determine a price for that.  All bows in the drop down list under create your own are standard bows and I do not charge for them.  If you wish to choose a Shara bow here are prices to add to that. EXTRAS: BOWS, LACE , BEADS & TIES

ITEMS PURCHASED OVER 4 years AGO Some of my items have been changed up a little bit due to perfecting them to the majority of my customers. Some have had elastic adjustments only and some have had minor pattern cut. Please Message me if to check on any item you have ordered in the past to make sure yours was not one of them otherwise it will be slightly different and you will not be allowed to return them.  

Hand wash in cold water and hang to dry. DO NOT BLEACH   All fabrics will fadeout eventually after worn and in time. Due to weather, river water with urine in it and chlorinated pools will fade them faster. The neon pink for some reason seems to fade the most.  

We accept payal and all major Credit Cards. USPS First Class is used within the USA. Shipping time is usually 2-5 Days. USPS First Class Internationl is used outside the USA . Shipping usually takes 2-3 weeks. It can take up to 6-8 weeks. Unfortunately shipping times are out of my hands. If after 8 weeks you stull have not received your package. Please contact Ava's Bikini's . Priority Shipping upon request within USA only. All California Residents must pay Sales Tax. 

We stand behind our bikini's 100%. Although due all my items being custom made as they are ordered & to health regulations and obvious hygienic reasons , no returns will be excepted. If you purchase any of my solid black items you will be allowed to exchange them for another size and or color.  Please make sure you use my size chart and read the items measurements.